Fragas do Eume can be reached from A Capela, Pontedeume, Cabanas, Monfero or As Pontes, all the municipalities that contain the forest, which is listed as a Natural Park since 1997.

The forest is a sanctuary for the flora and fauna of the region. Among the flora you can find oak, ash, alder, chestnut, birch, holly and arbutus trees. Some of these tree species have been around for millions of years and they flank the river Eume as it flows into the estuary of Ares.

Among the fauna, there is a great diversity of mammals, amphibians (13 of the 15 species found in Galicia), reptiles and birds. Otters, deer, salamanders, falcons, blackbirds can all be seen and enjoyed in the park.

There are also some endangered species in this natural park, like the Iberian wolf.

The monastery of Caaveiro is perched on a hilly rock in Fragas do Eume. It was built back in the 10th century. Read more about the monasteries of the destination.

Interpretation Centre (Pontedeume)
Winter 10.00 – 14.00h / 16.00 – 19.00h
Summer 9.00 – 14.00h / 16.00 – 20.00h
Guided tours
T. 981 432 528

Visit the monastery of Caaveiro. The view of the "fragas", or forest, is spectacular.
Did you know that...?
According to legend, the Lord promised to offer a man's life to the first river to arrive in the sea. River Eume was betrayed by the rest and furiously ran to the ocean and was the first to arrive.