Ferrolterra-Rías Altas

Discover a destination full of history and natural wealth

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Costa das Ondas

Discover a natural paradise for surfing

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We hope you have the best experience living your adventure in contact with the virgin nature of this destination


You are about to discover a land full of contrasts, with its own gastronomy, a lot of secret places and natural landscapes, with routes to get lost and enjoy our traditional culture.

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Costa das Ondas (Coast of waves) is the sustainable surf tourist product of the tourist destination Ferrolterra – Rías Altas. Enjoy the best waves in a natural paradise for surfing.

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We hope you have the best experience living your own adventure in contact with the virgin nature of this destination. Will you try to live your own adventure?

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Enter a unique territory in landscapes, culture and heritage … and discover an exciting chapter in the history of our planet.

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The “Patrimonio indiano” that we have, it’s an important hallmark of the historical heritage of the Ferrolterra-Rías Altas Geodestine.

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Santo André de Teixido, a small hermitage hidden into the Rías Altas area, which venerates one of the twelve apostles: André.

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Ferrolterra – Rías Altas: your ideal destination

Cities and villages, sea and mountains, coast and country … there are many contrasts offered by the 21 municipalities of the three regions that make up the destination.

In Ferrolterra region: Ares, Mugardos, Fene, Neda, Ferrol, Narón, Valdoviño, Cedeira, Moeche, As Somozas y San Sadurniño. In Eume region: Pontedeume, Cabanas, A Capela, Monfero, Vilarmaior y As Pontes de García Rodríguez. And in Ortegal region, finally: Cerdido, Cariño, Ortigueira y Mañón.

From this website, we invite you to discover the tourist destination Ferrolterra – Rías Altas. You will explore a unique land that combines history and culture with a great natural and scenic wealth.

This website is one of the actions carried out within the tourist promotion plan of Ferrolterra – Rías Altas geo-destination through a collaboration agreement between Xunta de Galicia and Mancomunidad de Municipios de la Comarca de Ferrol.