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Municipio de Cariño

A sheltered, quiet place with pure nature. This is how we define Cariño, a small coastal town in the north of the province of A Coruña.


Municipio de Cedeira

Cedeira is a true natural paradise. The Sierra de A Capelada and its impressive cliffs do not leave anyone indifferent.


Mountain, valley, river, sea and, especially, estuary. Ortigueira is a land of contrasts, with the highest peaks of the A Capelada mountains and A Faladoira by the sea.


In Mañón, which joins the provinces of A Coruña and Lugo, the high peaks of the Sierra de A Faladoira contrast with landscapes of the estuary.


Municipio de Valdoviño

Valdoviño stands out for the great beauty of its coastline. In it we find beaches open to the sea such as O Baleo and Pantín or the A Frouxeira beach. Also the lagoon of the same name, a protected area and one of the most attractive ecosystems on the Peninsula.


Municipio de Cerdido

Cerdido is an inland municipality dominated by green. With a strategic location, its natural landscape is very rich, due in part to the two rivers that cross its territory.


Municipio de Moeche

This inland municipality has the Moeche castle as its emblem. The history of these lands is written around this medieval construction.

As Somozas

As Somozas is an inland municipality characterized by the green and fertility of its lands.

As Pontes

Municipio de As Pontes

Industrial tourism, ethnography and nature characterize the municipality of As Pontes. In addition, in the so-called “town of the hundred rivers” up to eight medieval and Roman bridges that give an account of its past are preserved.


Of industrial life, Narón hides a great architectural and landscape interest. Discovering the municipality means finding ourselves with more than 200 points of interest.


Ferrol is the city of contrasts. The estuary that bears his name, its medieval streets, military buildings and fortified castles.

San Sadurnino

San Sadurniño is an inland and rural municipality. Located on the base of the Grande de Xuvia river valley, it is the ideal destination to enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings and breathe tranquility.


Municipio de Neda

Neda stands out for its great scenic beauty, with the Belelle river as the maximum natural exponent.


Municipio de Fene

Bathed by the Ferrol estuaries to the north, and attached to Ares to the south, Fene stands out for its famous shipyards and its high architectural value. In the municipality, the Indian religious architecture, thanks to the constructions of returned emigrants, and the more modern, such as the unique buildings of the two municipalities, are mixed.

A Capela

Municipio da Capela

A Capela is synonymous with nature. The central part of the Fragas do Eume Natural Park is located in the south of the municipality. It is also one of the most protected areas and the Caaveiro monastery is located here, solitary and imposing.


Cabanas is defined as the fraga made sea. The Fragas do Eume and its beaches are the great tourist attraction of the municipality.


Municipio de Ares

The small municipality of Ares stands out for its quiet beaches and picturesque architecture. These elements give charm to almost any corner you visit.


Municipio de Mugardos

In Mugardos you can breathe and, above all, savor its maritime atmosphere. It is enough to walk through the Cantón da Mariña to taste the internationally recognized a la mugardesa octopus in one of its restaurants. He is paid tribute every July at the Festa do Polbo, declared of Tourist Interest in Galicia.


Municipio de Pontedeume

Pontedeume offers a beautiful panorama, located behind its famous stone bridge that crosses the Eume river, which flows into the town.


Municipio de Vilarmaior

Vilarmaior is a small rural town that served as a way for pilgrims on the old road to Santiago. Those who visit the municipality will discover unspoiled landscapes and places full of charm.


Municipio de Monfero

The monastery of Santa María de Monfero is the emblem of this municipality. Founded at the beginning of the 12th century, it was completely renovated in the 17th century, so the Baroque style predominates.