A Capela

A Capela is synonymous with nature. The central part of the Fragas do Eume Natural Park is located in the south of the municipality. It is also one of the most protected areas and the Caaveiro monastery is located here, solitary and imposing.

To the north, we find the Sierra de Forgoselo, also a protected area. Here we discover a large part of the archaeological remains of A Capela, with 30 mammoas (tombs) cataloged.

Five signposted routes extend throughout the territory. All pass through a natural environment full of contrasts and will allow you to discover some of the most beautiful places in the region.

Since 2006, ethnography has been especially important in this municipality. In that year the Ethnographic Museum of A Capela was created, located next to the Natural Park. In this interpretation center you will discover Galician culture, the relationship between man and the environment that he inhabits, as well as examples of popular architecture.


Municipio da Capela