As Somozas

As Somozas is an inland municipality characterized by the green and fertility of its lands.

The Mera and Xuvia rivers run through its territory, on whose banks there are two recreational areas for the enjoyment of visitors. They are leisure areas that coexist in harmony with the natural space in which they are located.

The O Carballo recreational area is artificially created, with small dams for the Xuvia River, playgrounds and a swimming pool. In the vicinity of the Mera river, A Queiroga is located in a forest environment with unique ecological characteristics and dense vegetation of pine, oak and birch trees. In its surroundings we also find a restored stone mill.

As Somozas offers a rural landscape full of colors. In addition, throughout the municipal term we find numerous religious buildings. Churches of different styles, chapels and transept form the architectural heritage of the town.