A sheltered, quiet place with pure nature. This is how we define Cariño, a small coastal town in the north of the province of A Coruña.

Three kilometers from the town we find Cape Ortegal. At this magical point the Cantabrian Sea and the Atlantic Ocean separate. And they are separated by the Tres Aguillóns, a curious rock formation that emerges from the waters challenging the two seas.

The rugged coastline from Cape Ortegal to Cedeira is listed as a Site of Community Interest. Its geological and natural interest is indisputable. At the end of summer, in front of the Ortegal lighthouse, most of the European seabirds pass. The show is worth seeing and the image indescribable.

Cariño is an ideal destination for ornithologists from all over the world. The municipality becomes a sanctuary for birds both in Cabo Ortegal (summer) and the Cariño and Ortigueira estuary (winter).

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Municipio de Cariño