Hiking trails

The inland areas of the Ferrolterra – Rías Altas destination are ideal for a relaxing stay in rural houses, they also offer many opportunities for active tourism.

The options for hiking are endless. However, a total of 21 routes in this destination are highlighted as really feasible; in the surroundings of the rivers Belelle, Xuvia and Castro, as well as around the Fragas do Eume. While trekking over these trails you will enjoy the ecosystem in a protected environment. Other trails, such as the Atlantic ones, allow spectacular views of the coast. For those who prefer bicycling, you will find a total of 7 cycle routes.

In addition to fishing, like that in the fishing reserve of the river Xuvia, which has its own tournament, there are other water sports. For example, canoeing and sailing in A Ribeira (As Pontes) or As Forcadas (Valdoviño) reservoirs.

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