Historic centres

There are four historic urban centres to visit: FerrolPontedeumeCedeira and Ortigueira.

Ferrol’s urban identity was formed in the 18th century, thanks to the engineers of the Age of Enlightenment. So, in this city we actually find two historic urban centres. The original, Ferrol Vello, which retains the medieval layout with narrow and irregular streets leading to the port of Curuxeiras. Later, the district of A Madalena, with its own regular layout from the Age of Enlightenment. Here we find many neoclassical style churches and beautiful modernist buildings.

Ortigueira, with marked seafaring nature, is structured around the old convent. Its historic centre is noted for its white galleries and Indiana architecture.

Cedeira‘s popular architecture is a real treasure. The steep and narrow streets of the old town show us small houses with wooden shaped balconies and galleries. Ready to discover the old town, we will also see the remains of the old wall that surrounded the town.

In Pontedeume, narrow streets and stone arches coexist with the remains of past linked to the feudal lords of Andrade.

Centro histórico de Ferrol