The monastery of Santa María de Monfero is the emblem of this municipality. Founded at the beginning of the 12th century, it was completely renovated in the 17th century, so the Baroque style predominates.

The majestic aspect of this religious construction shows us the power that the clergy had in the region. It also reminds us that this was one of the most powerful monasteries in Galicia.

Monfero preserves several medieval bridges, all with a single arch and built in the 15th century. They are Ponte do Dez on the Frai Bermuz river, Ponte de San Paio on the Lambre river, and another that crosses the Lambruxo.

The natural environment of Monfero is an ideal place for active tourism. In fact, one of the offers you can find is a multi-adventure circuit. The municipality becomes an ideal destination for lovers of mountain sports.

Municipio de Monfero