Natural coastal areas

Travelling the coast from north to south, nature surprises us at every turn. Places which due to their high ecological value, are areas protected by various insignia. Red Natura 2000, SPA (Special Protection Area), SCI (Site of Community Interest) and even Ramsar, of an international scope.

To the north, Estaca de Bares (Mañón). This enclave of wilderness is a stop-over for sea and land birds from the Atlantic, the Mediterranean and the Arctic. More than one million birds each year! This point is ideal for bird watching species such as the common gannet. The protected area also includes the coast of Loiba (Ortigueira), with difficult to access secluded beaches between giant cliffs.

Another protected area is the one formed by the estuary of Ortigueira and the river Mera. It is home to over five thousand waterfowl, including some rare species. Therefore, it is one of the most important wetlands in Galicia.

The Costa Ártabra SCI extends from Ares to the estuary of Ortigueira (Cariño). It is consists of many landscape elements such as the mountains of A Capelada and its giant cliffs (the highest in Europe), the lagoon and beach of A Frouxeira in Valdoviño or the  Doniños lagoon (Ferrol).

Valdoviño lagoon is home to a thousand waterfowl during the winter and has an extensive sandy beach with primary dunes. A wide dune system separates the Doniños lagoon from the sea, which is also the deepest in one on the Galician coast.

The coastline of the Ferrolterra – Rías Altas destination does not leave anyone indifferent, both for its ecological value as well as the landscape that is drawn before us.