Neda stands out for its great scenic beauty, with the Belelle river as the maximum natural exponent.

In the middle of the river we find a deep valley of lush landscapes. One of them, in the place of O Roxal, surrounds the wonderful fervenza (waterfall) with a height of 45 meters.

Without a doubt, Neda is the wheat capital of Galicia. It has been since in 1558 Felipe II established the Royal Houses, biscuit factories to supply the Navy. The municipality’s baking tradition dates back to the Middle Ages, when the mills were born on the banks of the Belelle river to take advantage of the high quality of its water, which is still maintained today. Thanks to this, quality bread is obtained, which is honored every September at the Festa do Pan.

There are two essential monuments in the town. On the one hand, in the urban nucleus is the church of Santa María. Baroque in style and with neoclassical elements, inside we can see the Cristo de la Cadena, a Tudor Christ from English Gothic. On the other, the pazo de Isabel II, founded in 1841 as a textile factory. In this set the iron fountain and the granary stand out. This pazo is privately owned.

Municipio de Neda