Mountain, valley, river, sea and, above all, estuary. Ortigueira is a land of contrasts, with the highest peaks of the A Capelada and A Faladoira mountains by the sea.

The Ortigueira and Ladrido estuary, due to its fauna and flora, is one of the most important wetlands in Galicia. For the more adventurous, throughout the municipality there are nine coastal and mountain routes that allow you to enjoy the great natural and scenic wealth of the territory

However, Ortigueira is much more. For example, it is history and heritage. Up to 14 castros are counted here. Among them, the site of Punta dos Prados stands out, a good example of a maritime fortress.

The town also preserves important architectural samples from the 19th century such as the Teatro da Beneficiencia or the Convent (seat of the Town Hall) or the church of Santa Marta.

Every summer, the town becomes the capital of Celtic music with the International Festival of the Celtic World of Ortigueira. An event that brings together thousands of people from all over the world.