Pontedeume offers a beautiful panorama, located behind its famous stone bridge that crosses the Eume river, which flows into the town.

The medieval past lives on in its historic center. The bridge, which is not the original, also maintains the essence. It also serves as an aperitif of what we will find in its streets and charming squares. There are several must-see monuments.

The Torreón de los Andrade is the last remnant of the old 14th century pazo. Now it is an Interpretation Center to discover the history of these feudal lords who ruled the region. The town was protected by a wall of which some remains are still preserved.

The churches of Virtues and Santiago are the must-see temples. However, Pontedeume offers much more. Outside its urban area, we will discover quiet beaches and green areas in which to get lost while taking a route.


Municipio de Pontedeume