Cabanas is defined as the fraga made sea. The Fragas do Eume and its beaches are the great tourist attraction of the municipality.

In Cabanas we can enjoy the part of the fragas that comes to meet the sea. Its quiet and well-equipped beaches are ideal for practicing different water sports such as sailing or canoeing.

Of all the sandy areas, the most touristy is A Madalena or Cabanas beach. Calm waters, white sand and a well-kept wooded environment make it the ideal place to enjoy meals or snacks, especially in summer.

If we talk about the monumental part of the municipality, the most striking construction is the pazo de Cabanas. Also called Casa Grande de Rioboo, it was built in the 16th century by the Archbishop of Santiago, Francisco de Seixas y Losada, a native of the municipality.

In the Areal neighborhood, we will see a cruise. This indicates the point where the old bridge over the Eume river reached.