Valdoviño stands out for the great beauty of its coastline. In it we find beaches open to the sea such as O Baleo and Pantín or the A Frouxeira beach. Also the lagoon of the same name, a protected area and one of the most attractive ecosystems on the Peninsula.

Valdoviño is synonymous with surfing. Here is the capital of this sport: Pantín. The Pantín Classic, one of the most important championships in Spain, is held on this beach. This event attracts thousands of surfers to the municipality every summer.

However, the municipality does not live only on its coast. Inside we will discover much more. This is the case of numerous castros and mámoas (tombs) scattered throughout the territory. Of all these archaeological settlements, Pena Moura and Porto Novo stand out. Both are also places of passage on the pilgrimage route to San Andrés de Teixido (Cedeira).

Of all the religious constructions, the baroque church of Santiago de Lago stands out. With beautiful ornamental details, it also stands out for the image of the Apostle Santiago dressed as a pilgrim on the facade.

Municipio de Valdoviño